Dietary guidelines

What do the dietary guidelines do for americans

a:Health risk is the likely-hood of developing health problems

b:A eating plan theat refers to everything you eat and drink

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs

A:Your age,Your sex,Your metabolism,Your genetic blueprint:

B:Foods that provide a high amount of vitamins and minerals

How to maintain a healthy wieght

A:Increases chances of devolving problems

B:Diabetes,heart disease,high blood pressure


D:eat right ,excise

Suggestions for being physically active

A:Reduce risk of health problems,strengthen heart and lungs

B:60 min a day

C:ride a bike and play sports

Importance of whole grains,fruits and veggies

A:nutrient rich,cholesterol free,low in fat

B:live better,better helth

C:In meals,snacks or desserts

How to limit fats and cholesterol

A:Saturated fats and trans fat

B:high cholesterol

C:lower intake of cholesterol

Be choosy about carbs


B:candy and soft drinks

C:to not have tooth decay

Why reduce sodium and potasium

A:helps control all body fluid

B:High blood pressure

C:helps contract sodium

Avoid achohol

A:Affect judgement

B:Lead to injuries

C:Emoantional and violent behavior