This Week in Fifth Grade....

In Mrs. Webb's Class:

Reading: Justifying Answers; Explain Thinking

Language Arts: Mixed Review

Writing: Biography Research and Drafting

Social Studies: The Civil War

**Students are currently researching person chosen for Biography Project. This is an in class project. Students have a checklist of information to be completed and turned in by February 18th. Students will be assigned a presentation time slot the week of February 18th.**


1.) Folder and Cover ____
2.) My Completed research ____
3.) Portrait ____
4.) Biography Edited Draft ____
5.) Typed Final Biography ____
6.) Typed Bibliography ____
7.) Typed Important Poem ____
8.) Displayed Timeline ____
9.) Ready to Present ____


In Mrs. Fruge's Class:

Math: We have finished our fractions unit!!! I am really proud of the students and their efforts learning and applying the different models for problem solving. We will continue to re-visit these skills in the coming weeks before STAAR to help keep these skills fresh. We are now into our geometry unit. Last week we started identifying polygons and classifying two dimensional shapes based on their attributes and properties. Who knew a quadrilateral could have so many names?! We have started reviewing how to find the perimeter and area of basic shapes, and use that understanding to formulate a plan to find the area of composite shapes. We will also use models to develop the formula for volume and to recognize a cube with a side length of one unit as a unit cube have one cubic unit of volume. This will give your student the skills necessary to solve problems involving volume, the number of layers in a prism multiplied by the number of unit cubes in each layer. Have your son/daughter find everyday examples of rectangular prisms, such as a tissue or cereal box, and have them estimate and compare these examples using size, shape, length, width, and height. Discuss volume as the number of unit cubes needed to fill a figure. Which box seems to have a greater volume?

Science: We are studying how the sun interacts with the ocean in the hydrologic cycle (AKA – the water cycle). The photos represent the model of the ocean and water cycle. Students broke into groups to jigsaw (collaborate) responses to questions about the importance of the water cycle and how essential water is for life to exist on our planet. We have also been invited by the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District to participate in a survey about water usage in the home. Most students received a kit on Tuesday, and the parent information letter & survey on Wednesday. We are learning about our water sources, droughts, sink holes, aquifers, surface water, and how water is cleaned for our consumption (some students lamented they will never drink water again!) We will wrap up our unit learning about water conservation.


Valentine Party: Get your creative juices flowing! We will be having a contest in each class for the most creative boys and girls Valentine Box. On Friday, February 12th we will be having our Valentine Party. We will be passing out valentines, participating in Minute-To-Win-It Games and enjoying festive treats.

Important Dates

Tuesday, February 9th: College & Career Planning field trip to Austin Spurs Game

Wednesday, February 10th: MATH TBA

Thursday, February 11th: READING TBA

Friday, February 12th: Valentine Party; Early Release