Who's this being selled to ?

Who's this being sold to you ask? This is for kids, teenagers, boys, girls, maybe even adults!! Buy it now see how YOU like it ! Buy it for kids , this game is for any age ! Well maybe not ANY age , but every age group is allowed to test it out !
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What do you do?

Bambini is wrecking the city help the city by trying to WRECK BAMBINI , catch him as he runs through all the cities , and all over the world. Go to New York , Japan , Russia , France , Spain , etc. While you are going city to city defeat the scariest of scariest monsters , baddest of the baddest villains . and other things to stop Bambini from messing up all of these cities !

Who's buying and who's using?

The buyers will most likely be the parents of their children the users will obviously be the children or the teenagers ! Buy buy buy !

Marketing strategies

This Video Game will be sold over the summer break. Why you ask , well because kids now-a-days don't have anything to do over the summer break , so they will enjoy playing "The Big Bambini BANG!" On their free time or spare time!