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Sense of Community

I can actively give my best for the Southport community.

I think one of the most important parts to focus on in this statement is “give my best.” Students get disappointed if they don’t get the best grade on the test or rank number two in their class. Instead of focusing on giving their best attitude and effort to each situation and being pleased with the outcomes, they only focus on being the best and struggle with the outcome if they are not. Sometimes, even when you give everything you have to a task, you still do not end up on top. We lose, we fall short, we miss the mark… we need to remember that even in misses or missed opportunities, lessons are learned that is exactly what we needed to be taught at the time. Our best sets us up for the next success and the successes after that. The best is an end goal that, once you reach, leaves you looking for something else to chase. Giving your best day in and day out can take you to places you never thought you would reach. What a place it would be if we all gave “my best” effort every day to the Southport community.

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Cardinal Recognitions:

This week has finally felt a little more like normal school. Thank you to everyone for your efforts this week to welcome kids back to school!

Thank you to:
  • Christina Ferguson for planning the NHS ceremony that will take place this Sunday.
  • our Spring Sports coaches as their seasons are in full swing!

Good luck to Jessi Walpole and the Dance Team at Nationals this weekend!

Also, it is National Assistant Principals Week! Thank you to Amy, Eric, Chris, and Joe for everything they do to make SHS a great place for our students!!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 30: Grateful Friday Challenge:

Well hhhhheeeellllllllooooo Friday! How did you get here so fast? What’s that you say... something about being so busy that time is just flying by as our heads spin? Well, welcome anyway. Glad you are here!

Today let’s celebrate the number 4! We have had four great days this week as we have been celebrating having the entire alphabet back together! To keep the fun rolling for one more day- your #SHSGFC is to write 4 positive post-its to 4 different people. Stick a note on a classroom door during passing period, place one on a student’s desk, or pat one onto your colleague's shoulder as they pass you in the hallway-- place these wherever you would like to spread a little positivity.

Keep that Cardinal spirit up! With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Anthony Stanich

Mr. Stanich and his Physics students are learning about forces and building parachutes. Students had to develop a parachute that would project a Lego man during a fall. The student's tested their parachutes in the main hallway by dropping their Lego man and parachute onto a sensor. The sensor measured the amount of force made as the Lego man and parachute hit the target. The students could then use this data to determine if the parachute was effective enough for their Lego man to survive the fall.

Jason Adler

Mr. Adler's Dual Credit Finite students are learning about Markov Chains. A Markov Chain allows students to predict a probability of possible events based on analytical data. Students applied these principles to different scenarios like voter predictions to determine the outcome based on the distribution of votes from different parties in an election.

Lloyd Winebarger

Mr. Winebarger's Government students spent the first part of class today reviewing and discussing current events in our country. After this discussion, students continued their examination of the Constitution. Today, students are reading and discussing the 14th Amendment. Students read each section of the 14th Amendment, discussed the events in history that led to this amendment, and talked about the amendment's impacts on today's society.

Tyler Weatherford

Mr. Weatherford's World History students have been studying World War II. Students reviewed different events in the war and their cause and effect on the war. Students also looked at different topics connected to the war, including how both sides used different technologies and machinery during the war. The students watch short videos as they learned more about each of these items and their impact on warfare during that time.

Jamie Marshall

Mrs. Marshall's Spanish students are reviewing vocabulary by playing a memory game during class. Students work in small groups as they played. The students had to match English and Spanish words as they played with their teams. The students had a great time playing a game as they got in some important vocabulary practice with their groups.

Educational Humor

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