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January 18th, 2022

Employment Opportunities

Interested in working for Oldham County Schools? Please use the following link to view current job openings:

Be sure you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing district calendar and follow us on our Facebook page so you can plan ahead!

February 11th: Teacher Work Day

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April 1st: Walkathon

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From the Office of the FRC

Happy New Year to our Families here at La Grange Elementary. I want to share some helpful tips from the University of Kentucky Center on Trauma and Children regarding the positive effects of social interactions on one's mental health. These tips are to encourage us to build strong social networks to sustain us during these challenging times.

Tip one: start small. Be honest with yourself about your current level of comfort around socializing, it's okay if you're not up to doing a virtual meetup or feel panicked about reaching out to multiple friends and relatives. Don't overwhelm yourself. The aim of this is to help decrease stress, not add to it.

Tip two: plan a family night. Talk with your family about small things you all can do together more regularly like cooking dinner, weekend bike rides, or walks around the neighborhood with a family dog.

Tip three: be open about your fears. Talk with your family about any fears they have around socializing. Be sure your children are aware of the importance of safety, but also that it's okay to be angry, upset, or scared. A therapist can help if you're struggling with socialization and can offer needed support, advice, and a safe space to share feelings.

We will be posting some more tips in the coming months. If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to us here at the Family Resource Center.


Brian Drury

OCHS Junior Cheer Clinic

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Winter Wonderland was a WONDERFUL & WONDEROUS way to end the 2021 school year. Thanks to all the parents who helped from home and at the school to create such a great experience for our students ❤️.

Interested in getting more involved with the PTA and the school for things in 2022? Fill out your interest form here! or email

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5th Grade Families

This is the last semester of elementary for our 5th graders! We will be taking their photos to create a graduation slideshow, we will be planning a field trip and a picnic. Want to help with that or fundraising?, check out this link for details and to volunteer!