This Week in Online Learning....

Assignments for the Week of April 29-May 3

English 1 and English 2 Assignments

English 1B: Essay for "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

English 2A: Read excerpt from Night; Do "Before You Read" and the Selection Quiz. Prepare for the essay by reading the Nobel Prize Acceptance speech.

English 2B: Read Act I; Discussion Questions and Quiz for Act I. Read Act II and complete the quiz.

You really must get caught up! You are running out of time!

English 3 and English 4 Assignments

English 3A: Read " Masque of the Red Death." Do the Vocabulary and Selection Quiz. You did ( or were supposed to have done ) the Scavenger hunt for Poe last week.

English 3B: Read "...Granny Weatherall" and do the Before You Read, Vocabulary, Flashback/Present assignment, and Selection quiz for the story.

English 4A: Act II of Macbeth - all assignments; OR 3 body paragraphs with citations of the research paper.