2014-2015 Reflection

The year I discovered


In the first year of middle school, I had a lot of getting used to to do. From 6 different teachers to a whole bunch of classmates I don't know. I can say today that I have come far from where I was a few months ago education wise, physically, and maturity wise.


Education wise, I improved a lot in English and Spanish. In English, I learned how to enhance my writing by removing phrases like " this shows". In Spanish, I have learned how to form simple questions and answers and how to conjugate common verbs in the present tense. I also made improvements in science during Genius Hour because I was able to work on my own.
How to Identify Ethos, Logos and Pathos by Shmoop

Shmoop: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Physical Improvement

Physically, I have also improved greatly. In the beginning of the year, I was able to run the mile in twelve minutes and thirty-four seconds. But as of now, I docked of three minutes and two seconds off my time. I also grew 8 centimeters during the school year.

Maturity Improvement

Ever since the beginning of the Year, I was... immature, but I recently started getting better in self control and responsibility. I began to stop blurting out and I payed attention more in class.


  • Throughout this year, I have improved greatly. And while I have made some mistakes, I have become the person I am today, faster, smarter, and more mature. My first year at middle school was full of surprises. Yet I can't wait for next year.