My Awesome Field Trip

We Went To The Pavek Museum And The Bakken Museum

About the museums

First at the Bakken museum we were put in to groups at a one table. We tried to find the invisible orb and we did find the orb. It was pretty fun! We got lots of magnets to try to find it out. The Bakken museum was pretty fun. At the Pavek museum was really fun! We did so much fun things like we reported to the radio. If you were within two blocks away you could hear us. I was in the third group. We also did the game station witch was so fun! Three people could do it at the same time and the guy would give you a question and you press your button and then say what you think. If you push your button the other people could not push there button because it would be blocked of. At the end we also did a music thing with out you using your hands. You would push your hands against two medal things and it would change the volume and the sound. When we were talking to the radio you either got put to a news person or a programmer or a guy who reads of a typewriter. There is five news people 2 programmers and 1 person who reads of a typewriter. I was a the first news person. At the end we watched a video who made the push music thing and watched girls and boys play and the guy who made it. When we watched the video the guy who made it was not that old. From what he looked like he was probably like 50 years old. When I watched it I was in the back row. Out of the museums the Pavek was the best!