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Patient information and Electronic Medical Records

On a regular basis, our customers send us patient census sheets to notify our billing department of any payer source changes or discharges. This is greatly beneficial and helps us update our billing statements before they get sent out. If your facility isn't already providing this to us, I would encourage you to do so. Some facilities have allowed us to access their electronic medical records for billing purposes. Since we are a business associate for these facilities, we aren't in violation of the HIPAA rules that exist. Since Northwest Respiratory has been utilizing this process, it has been very helpful and we are open to working with any customers who would like to offer access to their electronic medical records for billing purposes. If you are interested in setting this up for your facility, please contact myself or your billing representative to do so.

Visit our Website:

Our website has some valuable information and links to resources. Our Education/Inservices section allows access to our handbook which shows you how to care for equipment. Downloaded information is also available for things like:

+ Traveling with Oxygen
+ Oxygen Safety Rules
+ Your Oxygen Prescription
+ Oxygen System Troubleshooting
+ Infection Control
+ Emergency Preparedness
+ Your CPAP Prescription
+ CPAP/BiPAP Safety Precautions

Staff education

Are you in need of staff education? Our in-services are available on DVD and live. They offer 1 CEU for nurses and are no charge for our customers. Click on the link below to see our available topics!

My contact information

Feel free to call or email me with any respiratory related questions and if you need help with any respiratory related referrals, I am happy to help call the referral source and visit with their clinical staff on your behalf.