Dingos are Australian native mammals.

The Dingo’s scientific name is canis lupus.

A Dingo looks like a dog with cream golden fur. It has white markings on its chest. The ears are pricked and their tails are bushy. The Dingo’s habitat is usually in the outback of Australia. They are also found on Fraser Island.

The Dingo eats lots of meat and reptiles and often eats from the rubbish bin. Puppies are weened after two months and are in litters of up to eight c6 bhpuppies. Dingos mate once a year.

Dingos have no predators but they have dangers such as traps, poisons, zloss of habitat and humans. They came from South East Asia, 3500 years ago. They may also have come 15000 years ago by the Koori people.

People should stop killing them so they don’t get icstindt.