Data Analysis

Brie Beane, Amanda Goulds, & Vikki Stevens


1.) Identify the number of students in:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Combined number for Levels 3, 4, and 5

2.) Based on these numbers, then determine the percentage of each listed above

ELA Benchmark

District avg.

  • 5th grade:
  • 6th grade:
  • 9th grade:

1.) Using the district average, determine the number of students that performed:

  • At or above the district average
  • No more than 15 points below the average
  • 16+ points below the average

2.) Based on these numbers, then determine the percentage of each category above

3rd Assessment (School Choice)


  • DreamBox
  • Discovery Ed

Whichever assessment your team chooses, you will need to:

1.) Identify the cut scores for what is considered:

  • Proficient
  • Below grade level
  • Well below grade level.

2.) Analyze the data to determine the number of students that fall in each of the categories listed above and then find the percentages.

ODR Data

1.) Analyze school ODR data

2.) Determine the number of ODR's from the identified grade level

3.) Then, based on those numbers, Calculate the percentage of ODR's for that grade

Digging Deeper

Using the attached document, follow the identified steps for Digging Into Your Data to go further and deeper in analyzing the data down to the teacher level.


Before our January 22nd training, please conduct a universal fluency screening on a specifically identified group of students, a class, a whole grade, or your school- whatever works best for your school at this point!

Screen and collect any data that you can use to be able to identify specific students.


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