The Silent Killer: Air Pollution

Amanda Phillips

How Does Air Pollution Affect Our Health?

Air pollution is the pollution of our surrounding atmosphere. This can lead to many side effects in our health. Some different health problems produced by this pollution are Asthma, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, and minor stuff like coughing, irritated eyes, etc.

Our health status is also at great risk. The Greenhouse effect causes the suns heat to not be able to lave our atmosphere, causing the world to get warmer and warmer every year. This can affect us because it is melting our polar caps and result in too much waters in our oceans and lakes, which will not be good.

How to Fix Air Pollution

Prevention and Advocacy

There are many ways you can help prevent air pollution just in your everyday life at your house! These can include using water based paints, using solar energy to power your house's electricity, and walking and biking instead of using motor transportation. You can advocate for cleaner air by promoting things like solar electricity and electric cars to the public and your surrounding areas.

From the Professionals

“You can look across the horizon, and you can see the haze, and you can tell it’s bad when it’s bad,” said Illah Nourbakhsh, a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon whose team developed the device, which is called Speck. “But in your home, there is no cheap way to know how bad it is.” Dr. Nourbakhsh tells that although it may not seem like anything's wrong in your house, it can be. Outside, it is easy to tell when the air is unhealthy because you can tell it isn't as clear as it should be. But, inside your house there could be dangerous air pollution that you do not even know about because you can't smell nor see it.

Recycling and Reusing Our Air

By using less motor vehicles and other products that produce harmful gasses, we are able to keep our air clean and keep reusing our natural air.

Global Impact

Air pollution is destroying the world's environmental resources at a fast rate. It is also impairing people's health all over the globe. The presence of pollution in the atmosphere results directly in air quality degradation. Air pollution is also a critical factor affecting the quality of other environmental resources as well as the human-made structures and facilities in the area.