DIARY of a Wimpy Kid

HARD LUCK by, Jeff Kinny

by: Davis Ezzell - ELA 2nd block 9-23-15

The setting is mainly in school , outside , and in his house. He is trying to deal with bad luck at these places. The time was in March . Also the main character is Greg and the others are his family and his friends.


So the book is about a kid named Greg and his hard or bad luck...He goes to school and about 90% of his day outside, at school, in his house is, and pretty much everywhere he is he has bad luck there, everything he does he try's to make his bad luck go away or beat it , but he always ends up making it worse.But towards the end it gets a little better!

1st part of bad luck!/rising action.

1st really part of bad luck - So Greg has had his best friend Rowley for years now with Greg's bad luck Rowley got a girl friend...So they used to hang out almost all day everyday really all day , they walk to school together do everything in school together sit beside each other in the lunch room , walk together in the hall , and every day they would walk home together and then play around when they got home from school...But now that Rowley has a girl friend all he does is walk everywhere with her sit with her basically only hang out with his new girl friend , and not Greg so that is Greg's first part of bad luck
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2nd part of bad luck!

Greg try to get Rowley to start hanging out more with him so he gets Rowley to come to a superhero camp with him... No luck with that they tryed blowing bricks down like they were taught, and tried shooting lazers out from there eyes to dicenigrate a ball both did not work so that did not help at all also everything he tried to do with Rowley was not fun at all to Rowley.
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3rd part of bad luck!

Greg try's to find a new friend like Rowley , so he goes to this nerdy , gross , weird kids house named Fregley ... so Greg tried to hang out with him and teach him stuff that Greg and Rowley used to do like tricks, but it was no use Greg was getting emmbarrest by him because one day Fregley went up to 3 of the most popular girls in school and said" hey do you want to see a trick Greg taught me... I can blow a bubble with my belly button!"

The luck gets a tiny bit better like 5% better!/climax

So in the climax the luck get a tiny bit better but more bad luck , he thought everything was getting better an all but he thought , because his mom bought him new cool light up sneackers for school so he wore them and on the first day of school he was walking to school and he steped in mud and he thought the lights broke because of that but really the lights on his shoes never worked. He finally realized that when mom took him to get a new pair and she got them at the dollar store!

little better also a little worse! / falling action

In the falling action Greg got a majic 8 ball and he says it helps him answer anything and what he should do or not. But one day he brought it to school to cheat on a test with it and he shook it and it flew out of his hand and rolled right to his teacher and she picked it up and took it and him to the office and the princeable called his mom and Greg's mom came in and actually took up for Greg untill the Pricible showed her his grades and that was the whole reason he tryed to cheat .

A lot better!/resolution-end

So now it's a lot better because Greg started getting better grades , new clothes and the most important part.......Rowley and his girl friend broke up! Now Rowley hangs out with Greg . But Greg did get suspended for 5 days from cheating or trying to cheat on a test.
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character traits.

Greg - had the bad luck the whole time almost , was not getting good grades , and was sad pretty much untill the end , he lost his best freind , And he was mad! He also tried to get better luck.

Rowley- Rowley was the kid who was Greg's best friend untill he got a girl friend and just did not hang out with Greg anymore till the end, and he happy untill the end when him and his girl friend broke up.

Greg's mom- Greg's mom was trying to help Greg through his bad luck but it did not help , but she was nice in this book.

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