Bondi Beach


Where is Bondi Beach located?

Bondi Beach is located in Sydney, NSW Australia. It is 7km east of the Sydney Central Business District. It is a very popular beach.

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Bondi Beach, Satellite View!

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What Sources of energy do we need to make Electricity and how do we convert it to Electricity?

What sources we can use in the local area are :Hydro/water, wind and Solar energy. Since it's a beach, it's probably really sunny. So a solar panel can collect a lot of electricity. A Solar panel is made of solar cells. The Solar cells are connected to a wire, to the circuit. When the light strikes the semiconductor, the light converts to electricity which flows through the circuit.

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How do we know it will work?

If we were to build something useful, we need to be positive it will work. I am 75% it will work because a beach IS very sunny.

-If it rains there will still be a little amount of sun rays.
-Most of the time there will be a lot of sun.

-At night there will be no sun.
-When it rains, we won't get as much sunlight.

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