Christianity is a monotheistic religion whose followers are called Christians. Christians worship their god, Jesus Christ, in a church. Their worship leader has many names such as minister, preacher, priest, and pastor. Christians' holy book is the Bible. Some common holy sites for Christianity are Bethlehem that is the birthplace of Jesus and also the Church of Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was crucified, buried, and believed to be resurrected. Some key beliefs are the sabbath which is a weekly day or rest and worship, the Holy Trinity, and the declaration of faith.

Some traditions in the Christian religion are baptism and Holy Communion. Baptism marks the entrance of a Christian into the church. Holy Communion is when you share bread and wine to remember Jesus' last meal. Some Christian holidays include Christmas and Easter. Christmas is when Christian celebrate the birth of Jesus. Easter is when Christians celebrate the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ.
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Common to all 3 religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

Abraham is a common figure in all 3 religions.

All 3 religions view God as the Creator and the source of moral law