The Wind Process

The Better Source of Energy /By: Sean, Rachel, and Amirah

Pros and Cons

Welcome to a BETTER source of energy: WIND energy! Some pros of this energy are:

  • We will be able to save fossil fuels!
  • Wind is renewable!
  • With lots of wind turbines and windmills, we will be able to make lots of energy!
  • It is easy to make!
  • We already have lots of open land, we can use this to help make wind energy!

However, there are a some cons also. But don't worry, there's only a few!

  • May take a lot of money to build.
  • If wind energy became our main resource, it could get pricey.
  • They may take up lots of space.
  • If we build a lot of wind farms, we may not have enough space for other things.
  • Wind turbines could be dangerous in some cases.


Facts About Wind Power

  • Bigger the better; the bigger the turbines, the more electricity!
  • Usually a wind turbine is 13 feet wide at the base, between 230 and 265 feet at the hub, and a total height, with a blade at the top, is 460 feet!
  • Iowa ranks 2nd place in the most wind turbines, and Minnesota is 4th in the nation for the most wind production.
  • Iowa ranks second with almost 2,900 utility scale equals enough power for 1,000,000 homes.