Here Come the Winter Lights!

We will get there, just get through the Saturday Slop

Transitions happen all the time

What we do with the changes we have in our lives can be affected by our mindsets. Our 4k friends have been eager to find out about the "big" kids playground. Here are some pics of their first experience together on the "big" playground.

Maker Space Update

Mrs. Meissner continues her magic touch in the Maker Space and this hour of collaboration, creativity, cooperation, and exuberance has become a favorite of all the children. Be sure to ask the kids about their latest modules.

Children's writing

Our children write in all different kinds of ways as directed by our writers workshop units. Some of the writing can be creative and fun too. Please enjoy a couple of these that are connected to Earth Day and Spring.

Mike Budisch

Local teams are exciting to follow. A student had a pretty good idea of a cool turkey a few months back. Go Bucks!