Personal Finance Portfolio


Description of Project

You will be using various learning artifacts that you have created in order to archive and share your learning in this class. Your portfolio will be saved and access through Google Drive. It will include evidence of learning (mind maps, worksheets, videos and/or voice recordings) and reflection. Completion of these items will take place immediately following each unit.

Step 1: Set Up

Set up your Portfolio folder in Google Drive (in your assignments folder, therefore it will be shared with Mrs. Carlson)

Step 2: SMART Goal

Locate your SMART goal tracker that you created in Numbers. Import your tracker into Explain Everything and record an explanation of what makes your goal a SMART goal, why you chose the goal, how well you did achieving your goal, and any adjustments you need to make to your goal. Upload to your portfolio folder in Drive. You will be using Explain Everything for many of the following activities.

Step 3: Budgeting

Take a screenshot of the formative budget you created in Numbers. Using Explain Everything provide a narrative explaining the budget and the process you used to adjust the budget so that it balanced. You will annotate your budget as you see fit. Include three things that you personally learned in this unit. Remember to explain what you learned-do not recite a list. You will export your recording to Drive into your portfolio folder.

Step 4: Consumer Protection

In groups, you will choose a topic that deals with consumer rights, consumer responsibilities, fraud and deception. A list will be provided and we will distribute topics in class. It is your group's responsibility to create a book, using Book Creator, to educate your classmates on your topic. The books will be merged together and you will have an activity to complete to check your understanding.