You are going to love this novel!

{Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality}

About the novel

Revenge of the girl with a great personality is a book by Elizabeth Eulberg that includes romance, drama, and humor. Many people are able to connect too. You may think by looking at the front cover this is a book just girls, but don't judge a book by its cover. I would even say that would be the theme for my novel. Boys may not want to read the book by judging the front cover and reading the back, yes maybe some points of this books would be more for girls that they would prefer but boys could connect and have a lot to learn form this book too.

My book review

Lexi is trying not to be just the girl with the great personality she wants to be more then that. But people only refer to her as having a great personality. On top of that her beauty queen 7 year old sister gets all the attention from her mom that spends all the money she makes on Mackenzie and her pageants. Follow Lexi through her journey through with school, Brook, Logan and Taylor, her best friends Benny and Cam, mom and pageants as she finds out who she is and maybe having a great personality is not so bad after all.

This book is a really interesting, amazing book that I would recommend mostly to middle school girls but boys may like it too.

This book has many strengths you can feel emotion for the protagonist that you can connect to. Its not just the characters that you can connect to but the whole book many people are able to connect too. A weakness maybe that there are many different characters and setting at times it may be a little hard to follow.

''Hair extensions and fake eyelashes: thats what pretty girls are made of.''


Lexi is the protagonist who through the story developed into a whole new character while she is finding out who she is. She is not short but not tall juts the average person. Lexi is referred to as having a great personality but that's not good enough for her. Though she has good friends is 16 pretty, smart and funny, she wants to be noticed and get attention. She wants to be popular and invited to parties but most of all Lexi wants to be the pretty one in the family and at school. More than just a great personality.


There are two antagonists in my story, Brook and Lexis mom. Lexis mom really only wants what she wants. All she does is work against Lexi. Some ways she works against Lexi is she always gets in the way of Lexi and really only cares and gives her attention to Mackenzie until Lexi became pretty and got a makeover. She spends al the family's money on pageants so the setting of their house is very old and run down. Her health is not very great either because she is spending all of her time at pageants. Lexis mom also always has to be wright so her and Lexi get in lots of fights.

Brook is just a very mean girl that always bosses everybody around. Everybody at Lexi school including Lexi calls her evil. She is very popular and thinks she is really pretty but she defiantly does not have a great personality.

''The road to popularity is paved with questionable intensions.''

Moments of impact {my favourite moments}

1. A moment of impact, is a person VS. self conflict. Lexi doesn't know what to do, she unsure if she wants to keep being the Lexi new and approved or go back to being the old Lexi that got made fun of. She is making her self really sad and confused.

2. Another moment of impact is part of the rising action. Benny and Lexi make bets for benny to go talk to Chris and for Lexi to come to school wearing a dress makeup and hair down. that is a big change because she usually wears sweat pants and no makeup and her hair in a high pony tail.

3. A favorite moment is the climax a very important part of any story. Lexi arrives to school as Lexi 2.0 new and approved. Everybody is noticing her people that didn't even know she existed before. She starts getting attention from her mom and brook the two antagonists. also she gets dates with Taylor and Logan.

Those are a few of the many moments of impact in ''Revenge of the girl with the great personality''.

The Pitch

This is a book filled with many wonderful attributes that will make this book one that you will love so much. The point of view is from the protagonist Lexi. Every chapter leaves you in suspense that will make you want to keep reading and want to find out what's going to happen next. My novel has a mood that changes throughout the story that helps you imagine in your head perfectly what's going on. This book is funny, has drama, romance, and at some parts can be sad. it is a novel that I think everybody will enjoy. It concludes with a mixture of a left hand turn and a concluded story ending. Witch leaves you satisfied with how the story ends. You can connect with the plot and the characters witch is a good thing because it helps you understand the story. Revenge of the girl with the great personality is a amazing book that I think everybody will love! And that is what makes this a book great!!

i, Lexi Anderson, am proud to say that I do, indeed have a great personality.