Paying it Forward

FORM is coming - Filing your #Structural GAPS

Dana's Personal Give Back Promo this week only!

I have been given a special promo so paying it forward! How does this benefit you? You'll have enough product to ensure your #Body is ready for #Form so you absorb more of the collagen protein AND you possibly can have extra product to sell for samples if you chose!

Log into your Le-Vel website & order one of these Upgrade Packages and I will give back my commissions thru this Sunday:

Starter Package $200 - Dana gives you $50 in cash

Promoter Package $400 - Dana gives you $200 in cash

VIP Package $800 - Dana gives you $400 in cash

. . . I'm not sure when I can offer this again so take advantage of me!!! Any questions feel free to text or call me at (269) 275-0034!

FORM: Sequential Gel Technology