News for School

Cecilia Vanden Heuvel

Dog Flu

Early April John Sterling, a golden retriever owner was taking his dog, Jenna to the park, which contain a plentiful amount of dogs. The next day John was watching the news and heard about Dog Flu, the flu that's sweeping through the Midwest contaminating dog after dog. Though does Jenna have it, he doesn't know but at least he will not be taking her to the dog park anytime soon. This dog flu is extremely contagious and over 1,000 dogs in the Midwest have gotten the diease. This flu causes coughing, nasal discharge, fever, and loss of appetite in dogs. Luckily the dog flu lasts from 1 to 3 days but the dog can still spread it 11 days after. Though another species can't get the disease, it is easily spread to other dogs through contact. Dr. Keith Poulsen a Professer adds, "If you go to dog parks, keep your dog on a leash, and avoid densely populated dog areas" While most dog lovers are worried about their furry friends, there is no way to prevent it aside from staying away from the infected animals. A vaccine is being worked on for it but no positive news has come yet. This disease is leaving many puppy pals waiting on the edges of their seats.

Year Round Soccer

During winter, most soccer players are unable to play because it is to cold outside. In Appleton there is are two indoor soccer fields that provide for the players who would like to play in winter. These fields hold practice, weekly soccer games for each age group, and scrimmages for older soccer players. Erin McCotter who has been at the fields said,"they are helpful for players who want to play all year round." The fields will continue to help people out each week.


Most often when you hear the word recess a playground comes to mind with children jumping, screaming, or doing whatever makes them happy. Here at Bay View, with the age so close to high school recess is cement, and possibly a ball. While most of the children seems happy some other kids had different opinions. Greta Marquardt (13) a student at Bay View states, "You are basically standing out in the cold for no reason."

After the two years at Bay View are up, at the High School they will have no recess and most can agree that Bay View's recess is better than nothing.