Pet Day 2021 - Amended

This year we are not able to have Pet Day here at school due to Covid Level 2 restrictions. We know that many of you have been working hard with your pets and ideas for sand trays. So that you can still share your pets and sand trays with the school and wider community we have put together this optional opportunity to do so.

This is an optional, at home activity for those who want to - no prizes, just a bit of fun for those who are keen over the next 13 days to share their efforts (due Monday evening the 25th - Labour Day).

There are 3 categories 1. Sand tray. 2. Pet video. 3. Dress up your pet or your bike photo.

  1. Sand tray: Create a mini scene on a tray. Take a photo or make a video of you talking about your scene. No theme.

  2. Pet video: Take a video, or ask a friend, sibling, parent… to film you leading, holding, sitting with, riding your pet. Tell us your pet's name and a bit about how you look after it. No longer than 2 minutes.

  3. Dress up your pet or your bike photo: Take a photo of your pet dressed up or decorate your bike and send that in for us to look at.

Do as many categories as you like, or none at all. Totally not compulsory just for those kids who want to do something and share it with the wider community.

Upload your efforts into the linked folder - please note it will be shared on FB, Insta, the app & via email so if you’re not keen to be on social media, this is not the activity for you. If you have trouble uploading to google drive, please email through your files to and we will upload them for you.

Student Online Pet Day Sharing 2021 Folder

You have the rest of the holidays, teacher only day, 2 weekends and Labour Day to do something if you would like to - we can’t wait to see what you come up with.