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Enfield Head Start, Integrated Pre-K, PK STEAM Academy

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September 9, 2022

Greetings PK Families,

Happy Friday! I hope everyone at Stowe Early Learning Center had a great week of school! I can speak for the staff when I say, WE LOVED SPENDING TIME WITH KIDS AND SEEING FAMILIES at SELC!

Thank you for your patience with arrival at exterior classroom doors. It can be quite confusing to remember your teacher's name, inside room #, and then attempt to find the outside door #!

Classroom Hours/Drop off & Pick up times:

Head Start Rooms: DeHorta, Farney, Lampro, Smith

Classroom hours: 8:30-3:30

Drop off: 8:25-8:30

Pick up: 3:25-3:30

Head Start Extended Day Program: Guile

Classroom hours: 8:00-4:00

Drop off: 8:00-8:30

Pick up: 3:30-4:00

Head Start Part Day Program: Prentiss

Classroom hours: 8:00-11:30

Drop off:7:55-8:00

Pick up: 11:25-11:30

Integrated Pre-K AM session: Curley, Horn, Towers, Wood

Classroom hours: 8:20-10:55

Drop off: 8:15-8:20

Pick up: 10:50-10:55

Integrated Pre-K PM session: Curley, Horn, Prentiss, Towers, Wood

Classroom hours: 12:15-2:46

Drop off: 12:10-12:15

Pick up: 2:40-2:46

PK STEAM ACADEMY: Cianci, Domin, Feenstra, Malone

Classroom hours: 8:20-2:46

Drop off: 8:15-8:25

Pick up: 2:30-2:46

  • Please keep in mind, that traffic flow during the first few weeks of school can feel chaotic.
  • Remain vigilant of your surroundings when driving through our parking lots. Our clientele are nearly 100% under or around 3 feet tall and it can be hard to see them!
  • Health and safety are top priorities and I thank you for doing your part!

I speak on behalf of the entire SELC staff when I say thank you for sharing your children with us and we look forward to partnering with you this year! Enjoy the long weekend!


SELC picture days are next week.

September 14th: Integrated and PK STEAM

September 15th: Head Start

Anyone who is not able to come to school on the 14th can get it taken on the 15th!

Menu for the week of 9/9/22

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Nutrition Nuggets from Nurse Jen

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Learning About Lead

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Community Resource Guide for Young Families-Summer version

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Interpreting SELC:

  • SELC=Stowe Early Learning Center
  • SELC=our mascot (the eaglet featured above)
  • FEO=Family Educator Organization
  • ECDC=Enfield Child Development Center
  • EPS=Enfield Public Schools
  • FRC=Family Resource Center
  • IPS=Integrated Pre-K
  • HS=Head Start
  • KITE=Key Initiatives to Early Education
  • PKS=PK STEAM Academy
  • Eaglets=all children taking part in any program at SELC


  • Main Office=860-253-4741
  • Head Start Family Support=860-253-4717
  • Nurse=860-763-8858
  • FRC=860-253-6580
  • KITE=860-253-6502

Our building is quite unique in that we house 4 PK programs, a Family Resource Center, and KITE.