The ASOT Reflection

Region 9 High Reliability Schools-April 2018

Keep Them Interested

It's April. Students are probably getting a little restless...and maybe you are too! Let's take a look at two elements that help engage students by gaining and keeping students' interest, Element 29: Demonstrating Intensity and Enthusiasm (NASOT, Element 27) and Element 32: Presenting Unusual or Intriguing Information (NASOT, Element 28).
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Demonstrating Intensity and Enthusiasm

While there are many different strategies within this element that can convey excitement toward a topic or content area, we can focus on just a few to really engage students during these last few weeks. In this section, you'll find resources to help you implement these strategies:

  • personal stories (to make content accessible)
  • humor (funny headlines, silly quotes, etc.)
  • quotations
  • movie and film clips

At the end of this section, you'll find the reflective guide that gives you teacher and student evidence for effective implementation of this element, which includes ideas for other strategies.

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Presenting Unusual or Intriguing Information

According to Becoming a Reflective Teacher, there are quite a few strategies you can try to present unusual or intriguing information. Here, we'll focus on these ideas:

  • teacher-presented information (typically related to content, but any unusual info captures students' attention)
  • guest speakers and firsthand consultants (Keep in mind that the guest speaker might actually be you or a colleague dressed as a "special guest" for your students' benefit.)

As with the last section, you'll find a reflective guide toward the end that will help you determine how effectively you use this element and give you ideas for additional strategies.
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Fain Elementary

Farrah Stahler, Jennifer Rios, Emily Vann and Jordan Ealy, kindergarten teachers at Fain Elementary in WFISD, were kicking off a weather Project-Based Learning unit with their students and dressed as the type of weather they would be focusing on in their classroom. Farrah dressed as Elsa (to represent snow) because her focus was winter, snow, ice, etc... Emily dressed as rain, Jennifer was the sun, and Jordan became wind. The students were very excited and instantly hooked when they saw how their teachers were dressed! The kids got to rotate to each of the classes to learn more about that specific weather, and then at the end of that they got to choose which one was their favorite. After the teachers divided the kids up to their chosen weather, the students spent a week learning all about it to become a Weather Wiz-Kid! The teachers are now preparing for students to go back to their homeroom and teach their classmates about the type of weather they studied. The unit will wrap up with a parade where teachers and students will bring weather to life!
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ASOT in Action Submissions

We know you work hard to try new things and to be the best teacher you can be. We want to celebrate all that you do and share what is working in classrooms across our region. If you have tried an ASOT element and think others could benefit from the idea, please consider taking a few pictures or even a video and submitting them to us to be included in future newsletters or other shared resources.

You can use the form below for easy submission of your photos and/or videos or you can email them to with a brief explanation of what you tried and what you thought of the strategy.

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