🇵🇷Puerto Rico🇵🇷

by Kiara Howser

What is the capital of Puerto Rico?

  • The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.
  • Florida is a country near Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico and Florida are known as two points of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Puerto Rico is in the west Indies.


  • Puerto Rico is found in the West.
  • Florida is a close country to Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico is found in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Puerto Rico is approximately 100 miles long.
  • Puerto Rico is 35 miles wide.
  • Puerto Rico is 580 km (kilometers).
  • Puerto Rico isn't the largest island but the 82nd largest.
  • Puerto Rico is exactly 3,425 square miles long.

How Hot or Cold Does it get in Puerto Rico?

  • Puerto Rico is hot all year long.
  • Usually in the summer Puerto Rico is 80 degrees fahrenheit.
  • In the winter sometimes it drops down to 70 degrees ferenheit.

What Languages Do Puerto Ricans Speak?

  • Puerto Ricans speak Spanish and English

What Foods do You Eat There?

  1. You often eat tamales there.
  2. You will sometimes eat sugarcane.
  3. They pick fruits from the tropical trees.
  4. Puerto Rico has ground coffee.
  5. They get their beef from the cows.
  6. They get their pork from the pigs they roast.
  7. They get the chicken from the farms and cook them.
  8. The farmer's will milk the cows and sell them for money or seeds.
  9. When the chickens lay their eggs the farmer's will collect them.
  10. In Puerto Rico they have many different types of tacos like meat tacos and veggie tacos.

Crops They Produce

  • Puerto Rican farmers grow sugarcane.
  • Puerto Ricans will pick and grow tropical fruits.
  • Puerto Ricans will often grow tobacco to sell.
  • Puerto Ricans will often grow coffee beans.

Traditions and Holidays That Happen in Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Ricans often celebrate May Day. The first day of May.
  • Puerto Rico's most celebrated holiday is Mardi Gras.
  • They celebrate Three Kings Day.
  • Often times they celebrate Dr.Martin Luther King Jr Birthday.
  • Sometimes Puerto Ricans will celebrate Presidents Day.

Other Interesting Facts About Puerto Rico

  • Cucumbers, squash and tomatoes are fruits. Fruits have to have seeds to be fruits.
  • Most Puerto RIcans are Christian.
  • 1 US dollar = 100 cents in Puerto Rico.
  • Some Puerto Ricans are Latino.