Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscroft

How Working Bikes Got Started

Lee Ravenscroft saw a truck in 1999 with a bunch of old bikes that dropped them of in a junkyard. Lee then decided to fix the bikes and then give the bikes to people who cannot afford bikes. Then he decided to make a company out of it and now they find used bikes or accept donations of old bikes. Then they fix the bikes and give them to people in need here in the U.S., Latin America and Africa.
Bikes can have a huge impact in poverty stricken areas. They are a huge mode of transportation for people who cannot get from one place to another. Bikes can also be used to carry things around because certain people have to carry things for long distances.
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How working bikes compares to Paul Newman

A big similarity between working bikes and Paul Newman is they both work to help others. Working nikes works to give other people bikes. All of the profits of Paul Newman's profits go to charity. A difference between the two companies is that working bikes gives actual bikes to people while Paul Newman only gives money to charity. They are both very helpful, but they help in different ways.