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January 20, 2015

Upcoming District Assessments

January 5th to January 23rd

On Demand

Opinion 3rd and 4th (1/27/15)

End of Unit Assessments

Kindergarten, Unit 4 (1/30/15)

2nd Grade, Unit 4 (1/30/15)

3rd Grade, Unit 5 (1/30/15)

Upcoming Walk-throughs

Our walk-through focus over the next couple weeks will be on Guided Reading. Please see the attached look for sheet.
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Roadrunner Rally - Monday, January 26th

Kindergarten & 1st Grade (10:00 - 10:35)-cafe

2nd Grade (2:30 - 2:50)-cafe

3rd Grade (2:00 - 2:20)-cafe

4th Grade (3:00 - 3:20)-cafe

5th Grade (Following DARE Graduation practice-3:30ish-in the gym)

Mark Your Calendars for our Meadowbrook Reading Night

Tuesday, January 27th will be our Roadrunner Reading Night with students and families (6:00 - 7:30). Please let Shannon know if you are able to help this evening!


Kimberly Robertson would like to give a ticket to Sarah York for picking her students up from ENCORE.

Leslie Bent would like to give a ticket to Tiffany Davis for helping her class with the Mac Books.


Monday, January 19th-NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 20th

8:15 Morning Meeting/staff meeting (tickets, culture of excellence nominees, computer cart information and budget)


Chad will be in our building for a walk through and administrative evaluation @ 2:30

Wednesday, January 21st

2:30 ish-on, Kathy out-principals meeting

Thursday, January 22nd

Fire Drill

Applebee's Night

Friday, January 23rd

PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

9:30-10:45 MO Council walkthrough/interview (see below)

Monday, January 26th

Road Runner Rallies

3:00 DARE graduation practice-cafe

Tuesday, January 27th

8:15 BLT Meeting (Bearden's room)

AM-Debbie Miller will be working with 1st grade teachers (gym) and teaching in

Monica's room

PLTs-K, 1, 2

Reading NIGHT

Wednesday, January 28th

9:30 AMS Band-5th grade (gym)

Kathy out-Debbie Miller and Principal Meeting

Friday, January 30th

8:15 Climate Committee Meeting

10:30 DARE graduation

PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

January 20th & 23rd

PLTs (short reflection on Module #4 and Teaching Point)

January Birthdays

2nd-Brian Tillman

4th Cassie Fogel

12th-Amy Hackney

17th-Tarah Palmer

26th-Shannon Gunter

Recess Reminders

Please remind students to be involved in a game-kickball, 4 square, kickback, play equipment. Students should not be playing tag or made up versions. Now would be a great time to review recess expectations.

Central Office Visitors.....

This quarter Dr. Hackett will be visiting classrooms on February 19th at 10:00. Chad will also be visiting our building on Tuesday, January 20th.

BUDGET 2015-16

It’s that time of year again! We are working with a zero based budget again this year so you will not receive an amount to spend. Below are the directions on how to complete your requests. We will talk about the budget, briefly, during our staff meeting on Tuesday. Please bring any questions you may have!

All requests will be based on the need of the item and how it impacts student achievement. Please make sure you check the Priority 1 or 2 . (Priority 1-Need/2-Want). Please make sure you include justifications for purchases. If you do not have this part of your request, the form will be returned to you for completion. I must bring this information with me to my meeting.I have attached the spreadsheet for School Specialty, blank catalog form and Stores Inventory. Please check the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for the correct form. If you choose to order from a catalog other than School Specialty, you will need to enter the name and address of the company at the top of the form. Just a reminder, please put your name on each form.

Catalog Orders - Please make sure that when you are entering your catalog items, you are using a 2015 catalog to find your items (catalogs are above the filing cabinets). Remember to include shipping charges.

Stores Inventory – Catalog can be found on the NKC District website. Type in Purchasing on the Quick Links, click on Purchasing, and click on Inventory Catalogs (located on the left side of your screen) click on Inventory Catalogs and choose Classroom/Office Supplies. Order your item by Dz, Blt, ea, etc. Make sure you read how the items is packaged so you are ordering exactly what you need.

Magazines – Place your order on a blank Catalog order form.

Orders may be turned in as a grade level order.

Furniture: If you are interested in furniture for your classroom, please let Kathy know (i.e. tables to replace desks, etc).

Due Date: January 30th @ 4pm

You may complete requests as a grade level or individually, but please turn them in as a grade level.

The 2015 Award of Excellence for Promising Practice in Professional Learning

Our district is a finalist for the Award of Excellence in the area of Professional Development. The last phase is a site visit and building/district level interviews. We are one of 3 schools selected for site visits. On Friday, January 23rd we will have a visitor, from the MO Staff Development council, who will be conducting walk throughs and interviews from 9:30-10:45. Those being interviewed have already been informed-we may need help covering classrooms! I'm sure we will do GREAT!!!!

See attachment....