The Candymaker's Characters

Miles, Daisy, Logan, Philip


Likes to read. Carries a book bag with books and a life jacket. Is allergic to marry go rounds, pancakes, the color pink, row boats and bees. Wears glasses and likes learning about the after world.


She is a girly girl. She has blonde hair. Wears bright dresses and has mitch match very happy and cheerful. Is very strong and can lift strech taffy like a pro. Does not like Philip.


The Candymakers son. Knows his way around the factory. Is friends with all the workers. Has scars on his body. Is homeschooled. Is very nice, never mean. He is the bee whisperer.


Very mean and hateful. Wears a suit and tie. Carries a brief case that has a note book in it. Plays violin. Hates candy. Has a brother. Drives to the factory in a limo.