Hansen's Herald

Notes and Such From The Class Of The Future


Candy Bar Fundraiser -- A note came home with the students last week about a candy bar fundraiser that we are participating in this year. This fundraiser is similar to what the students did last year. However, we are using a different candy company that in my opinion produces better chocolate.

Chocolate will come home with the students either today or tomorrow. Watch for a separate email that contains all the details about the fundraiser.

Economics Fair --
The Economics Fair has come and gone. It was a huge success. I saw some really amazing projects and could tell that everybody had put some time and energy into what they brought.

Spelling Bee -- We held our Spelling Bee on Friday. There are three students from our class that will be advancing to the next round, the school bee. The students that will be representing us are Blake Huff, Clark Rowley and Payton McClure. Great job to everybody that participated. Good luck to those moving on.

Science Fair -- The science fair is almost here. There are only a couple of weeks left. The science fair is on January 8th, which is the first Thursday after Christmas Break. I hope everybody has got a good start on their projects. If you have any questions about the science fair, please try to let me know this week.

Spelling Test -- This week week we will be having our spelling test on Friday. The words for this week come from Unit 3 Lesson 4. Get the list here.

AR Party -- As we approach the end of Term 2, it is important that the students remember to get all of their AR quizzes taken. The majority of the class is very close to reaching their goal, or has already reached their goal for the term. Students need to have reached their goal for Term 2 by the end of school on December 19, which is only a half day. The Term 2 party will be on January 9.

Assignments, Events and Birthdays

  • 12/02 -- Science Fair Packet
  • 12/03 -- Hope of America Permission Slip and Money
  • 12/19 -- Term 2 AR Party Goal Cutoff


  • 12/08 -- Dress Down Fundraiser. Wristbands are free with a 5 can donation before December 5th
  • 12/11 -- Spirit of Christmas
  • 12/12 -- 5th Grade Economics Fair
  • 12/12 -- Spirit Dress Down Day
  • 12/12 -- 5th Grade Spelling Bee. Top eight students will be advanced to the school spelling bee.
  • 12/12 -- Spirit of Christmas
  • 12/15 -- Spirit of Christmas
  • 12/15 -- Term 2 Fine Arts Assembly (2:10 in the auditorium, parents are invited)
  • 12/19 -- End of Term 2. Half day of school.
  • 12/20 - 01/04 -- NO SCHOOL. Christmas Break
  • 01/08 -- Science Fair
  • 01/09 -- Term 2 AR Party


12/12 -- Slade P. (Half)
12/16 -- Zach S. (Half)
12/17 -- Savannah H. (Half)
12/31 -- Caleb A.

Economics Fair Jingles

In case you missed them last week, here are the jingles that we put together as part of the Economics Fair project.
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Economics Fair 2014)
Joy To The World (Economics Fair 2014)

Weekly Brain Boggler

I am easy to feel but hard to see
Can you guess what I might be?
I'll give you hints to ease your mind
And help you solve this little rhyme

Let's begin with clue number one
I cause so much damage before I'm done
Wrecking homes and destroying power
I can be gentle and then turn sour

I can wreck ships with my force
Or cause them to change their course
Others use me for their pleasure
When I am behaving much better

Still I have a different use
One that I can not refuse
I keep the power at a flow
With the way my blades always go

I have given you lots of clues
And now my time is past due
Before I leave and say good-bye

What am I?