a partnership with the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center

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Helen Steward (VP) Sept- March

Erin Luong (counsellor) March -June

Student Champions

Cristina P grade 12

Jordan G. grade 11

Olivia Q. grade 11

Peter S grade 11


Attended youth pd sessions sponsered by Sheldon Kennedy

Had a display during the Fair Trade Fair in December

Attended the screening of Swift Current: The Sheldon Kennedy Story

Major project- Created a video representing how we at Bishop Carroll are "Better Together"

Better Together: BCHS with the SKCAC



Erin Luong (counsellor)

Vicky Smith (student counsellor)

Jane Spice (health nurse)

Student Champions

Gala A. grade 12

Julia C. grade 12

Jordan G. grade 12

Olivia Q. grade 12

Peter S grade 12

Marisa WG grade 12

Gabby T grade 11

Jacob W. grade 10

Rebecca H. grade 10

Branka C grade 10


Students rotated through attending the SKCAC pd sessions

Had a display at Clubs Day, Fair Trade Fair, Parent Info Nights and at the Mental Health Symposium

January- presented Swift Current to the Youth Champions, Mental Health and Wellness Team, Spectrum and Whose Frank

Weekly team meeting Thursdays 11:15-12:15

Major Project-

Developed an activity book for division 1 students to teach them about reporting abuse.

Went to St. Joan of Arc on June 15th to share the book with 2 different grade 3 classes.

The book was sent to CCSD for publishing and will be shared by SKCAC with AHS

Goal for next year- develop a book for division 2.