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Israel is a hotbed of ingenuity and ideas. is a great way to expose your startup to the world wide audience, doing so in front of your home crowd.

We're looking for those innovative startups that can make a difference.

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Winning Startup - HeyStack

Viva Tel Aviv: Meet the 6 amazing startups launching at today

Coming to you live from sunny Tel Aviv, where six carefully curated Israeli startups are having their big debut on stage at the conference organized by Orli Yakuel and her team. I met with the startups earlier this week to prepare for this post, and I have to say, they are truly very interesting. Read more.. Names Dating App Heystack Its Top Startup For 2012

Some say Tel Aviv is almost like having Silicon Valley on Europe’s doorstep, and you do get that feeling sometimes. The urgency of the people and their sheer energy is infectious. It’s not for nothing that VCs take regular flights there and multinational tech companies like Microsoft establish accelerators. And the local scene throws up a tonne of initiatives. One of the best is Organised by Orli Yakuel and Edward Resnick, 2009, 2010, 2011 were all supported by TechCrunch, and we’re doing that again because it’s a great platform for Israeli companies to announce their new products. Read more..

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