Franklin House

Week of December 2nd

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: In class this week we will focus on main idea and theme. Students should continue reading at home each night.

Mrs. Allen: We will be focusing on Theme. Students will read some short stories and pick out theme and examples from the selections. This week we will also be working on our Personal Narratives. They will be due on Thursday. Please help your student proofread their stories. Check spelling, punctuation, grammar etc.

Ms. Naze: Students are continuing their book club discussions. We are putting our poems into line format and looking into devices in our writing. The focus in Achieve is theme.


Math 4: We will be starting Unit 6 this week which works with volume of prisms.

Math 7, 8: This week in math we will take the assessment on using all operations of decimals. Then we will be working with multiplication and division of fractions.


We will continue with chapter 2 and are learning about galaxies and the universe. We will have our star quiz tomorrow and the galaxy quiz on Thursday.

Social Studies

Students are taking a closer look at the reforms that came out of the Progressive Era and what the events were. Two assignments are in Schoology that we will complete by the end of the week.