Healthy Options in Schools

By: Cale Hausman

Healthy Options in School

In plenty of schools they sell soda and chips in vending machines. I believe that schools should only sell healthy things like water and other things.
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Vending Machines

This is what a vending machine shouldn't look like stocked with soda and other unhealthy drinks. Kids should not be able to come to school and buy these type of things.
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Healthy Options

Vending Machines need to become more healthy. Instead of putting unhealthy things in a vending machines. You can put healthier options in them like water. Kids wouldn't like the decision at first but i feel like they would end up liking it in the long run.
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Different Options

Instead of putting soda; like pepsi, coke, mountain dew, and others in the vending machines. You can put water and other healthier options in there. You can take the chips and other unhealthy snacks out and switch them.
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Everyone by now knows how bad soda is for you and your health. A lot of people are switching to drinking water and thats how it should be in schools. Water will not hurt anyone so therefore should be the only thing served in schools.
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Michelle Obama has been working to have healthier options in schools. I think students this is a dumb idea. But thinking about how high childhood obesity is, you can see why this is a very smart thing to do. I think chips are okay to have but when you can buy donuts for breakfast i think that should be gone.

Kids Coming into School

Childhood obesity is high with kids now a days because kids follow after there parents and jun food is cheaper than the healthier items. This stat would go down if schools just invested in the healthier options in food and most of the options taste better.


Every school should have each kid get a fruit,vegetable,dairy product,grains, and protein.

These are the basic food groups everyone should get some of these everyday. Everyone should get there daily value of these things so why not have them get some in school.


Healthier options do cost more but kids buy and unhealthy lunch that doesn't fill them up then they go to the vending machine after. Where this money could have been one lunch of a healthier option which could also fill them up more.

Overall School

Bringing healthy things to a school will make the school look a lot better in parents eyes. So they could have more enrollment. Healthy options with not hurt a school in anyway so why not go for it and see how everyone deals with it and see if students like it.