killer whales

killer whales largest mammals in the whale ecosystem

facts about killer whales

killer whales communicate by singing songs. many whales like bats use sound to chocolate and navigate through the ocean. whales closely related to hippopotamuses. whales breath air,warm blooded. have one to two nostril called blow holes in the back on top of the head.jump out of the surface every 3 to 20 minutes to breath.whales have only a few stiff hair in the head.

where they live and eat

killer whales live in all the ocean of the world. they are often found in cold water.sometimes in tropical water.whales can be seen in the coasts of argentina ,south america,new zealand,and the galapogos island.killer whales somwtimes feed on whales,especially calves or weak adults.whales prey on steller sea lions,harbor seals,northern fur seals,and sea otters.killer whales eat there prey whole.

some amazing things about killer whales

going to see killer whales in parks can be a blast

have you seen killer whales in seaworld

i have gone seen killer whale in a sea-world before it was a awesome place to go.the killer whales do some awesome tricks and its just so awesome to watch if u haven't gone to a sea-world ill go just to see the killer whales