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¿Necesita leer nuestro boletín en español?

¿Necesita leer nuestro boletín en español? Haga clic en cualquier parte de este correo electrónico, desplácese hasta la parte inferior y haga clic en traducir. Luego, seleccione español, y el boletín debería aparecer en español. ¡Gracias!

RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT: Distinguished Teachers Award

Would you like to nominate a fantastic New Leb Teacher for the Distinguished Teachers Award? Please click HERE for nomination packet, important dates, eligibility requirements, and more - nominate a teacher today!

Next Week at New Leb!

Monday, January 20th:
  • NO SCHOOL - MLK Day!

Tuesday, January 21st:

Wednesday, January 22nd:

Thursday, January 23rd:

  • Zumba Night for Adults and Students, 6:30pm-7:30pm - see flyer below!

Friday, January 24th:

Changes to PM Dismissal? No problem, call the office!

Please call the office if your student's dismissal plan changes during the day. Teachers are busy teaching and might not always check their DOJO. Thank you for your help with this!

Reminder: Front Door at New Leb!

When you come to New Leb during the day, please buzz in by pressing the bell on the right side of the wall. When the office buzzes you in, the left door will unlock. Please open the left door with your hand. Please enter the first set of doors and turn right. The office will buzz you in to the second door. Please wait for the click and then open the door with the handle. Thank you!

Reminder: Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up

Please remember to use the drop off line, not the bus loop, for parent drop off in the morning. The bus loop is for busses and emergency vehicles only. Please do not park in the bus loop ever. If you need to park, please park in the "island spots" in the middle of the parking lot and walk your child across the cross walks to the front of the building. Drop off begins at 7:30am - this is when we have adults ready to greet your students outside and supervise them in the cafeteria. Remember - students can always come for breakfast!

At dismissal time, please be sure to pull forward in the pick up line along the curb. Students may not enter the car in the passing lane for safety reasons - they may only enter from the curb. You may not park in the pick up line and get out of your car for any reason. If you need to park, please park in the "island spots" in the middle of the parking lot and get out of your car. Please do not use the handicap spots unless you have a handicapped sign.

Thank you for helping us stay safe at New Lebanon!

Winter Afters - SPOTS STILL OPEN FOR 3rd - 5th GRADES!

Please click on the PDF below or look in your child's backpack (from LAST Friday) for a hard copy of the form to sign up for Winter After School Programs (forms are also available in the office). Afters are going to be Multi-Sports/Games and they already started and run until the week before February break, so please register ASAP!
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Spaghetti Dinner - More Info Coming Soon!

Be on the lookout for donation forms in your students' backpacks soon. Thank you for all of your help to support this wonderful tradition at New Leb!
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Evening Adult ESL Classes - Changing to Tuesday and Thursday on January 28th!

Monday, Sep. 16th 2019 at 6:30-8:30pm

New Lebanon School Media Center

New adults are always welcome! No children, please.