White House Arrangement

Jordan Moye


~Stem Stripper for roses

~Floral Container


~Floral Foam

~Anchor Tape

~Floral Knife

~3 x Iris (Blue)

~3 x Gypsophila (White)

~3 x Rose (Yellow)

~3 x Steel Grass

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is in the center of the State Floor.

Oval shaped, overlooking the South Lawn.

President’s formally host guests.

During the Christmas season, the Christmas tree is put in the Blue Room.

James Monroe (in 1817), purchased a marble-top table where large flower arrangements are kept. Flowers are a large part of this room. Flowers have long added a special touch to this beautiful oval room regardless of the occasion.

President Cleveland was the first and only president to get married in the White House, and he was married in the Blue Room. The room was filled with various flowers and foliage for this special occasion. The ceremony, as well as the send-off to the honeymoon took place in the Blue Room.

President George W. Bush discussed the war on terrorism in the Blue Room before he gave his address to the Nation on September 20, 2001.


Ikebana because of the lines.