Randall Middle School

Newsletter, December 2022

News From the Principal

We had a busy November ensuring high levels of learning at Randall Middle School! Students will be bringing home their first trimester report cards on Friday, December 9, 2022. Our CECSD K-6 report cards use standards-based grading and reporting. With standards-based grading and reporting, teachers provide students with meaningful feedback specific to the multiple learning standards in each subject area. The traditional grading system only provided students with a single numerical or letter grade for each subject area. As you review your student’s report card, notice your student’s strengths and areas needing growth. Chat with your student about their goals for the second marking period. Our mission at Randall Middle School is to ensure high levels of learning for all students and adults. One of the ways we work to ensure high levels of learning is to empower students to have ownership over their learning. If they are working to reach proficiency with a learning standard, they may need to put in some extra time and effort in order to reach proficiency. For example, if multiplication is one of the foundational skills for a learning standard your student is struggling with, practicing their fluency with multiplication facts might be an appropriate goal. Each of our students has their own Evidence of Learning Portfolio, and these are updated throughout the school year as your student progresses with their goals. Periodically asking your student about their Evidence of Learning Portfolio and their progress toward proficiency will help to support our Randall Middle School mission.

On December 14, 2022 we will host our Randall Middle School school wide spelling bee. Each homeroom classroom has two top spellers (winners of the classroom written spelling bees) who will compete in the schoolwide oral spelling bee. The top four participants of the schoolwide spelling bee will move on to the regional spelling bee in Syracuse.

We continue to use ROAR (Respectful, Open-Hearted, Act-Safely, and Responsible) to support school and district wide behavioral expectations. We believe that this is done Better Together, meaning we all have a role in the success of our classroom communities and school. We currently have an incentive underway where each classroom community needs to reach 24 points, and a schoolwide total of 312 points. Points are earned by classroom communities meeting their ROAR learning targets that they have identified. Once we reach this Better Together schoolwide goal, on December 20, 2022 we will have a schoolwide field trip to the JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse to watch the Syracuse Orange Women's Basketball team play UAlbany. We are preparing for our field trip by having each classroom community research one of the players or coaches and teach us about them on the morning announcements each day. We look forward to arriving at the Dome on 12/20 being Syracuse Orange Women’s basketball experts! If you are a registered CECSD volunteer and would like to volunteer to attend our field trip on 12/20, please let your student’s teacher know as soon as possible. If you are not a registered volunteer and wish to become one, please see the volunteer guidelines and then submit the volunteer form.

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News From the Nurse

The holidays are officially here. That means the reality of snow and ice as well! As beautiful and fun as this time of year is ….it is equally wet, cold, and potentially dangerous. Please have students dress for the weather and packing a spare outfit is always a good idea!

All 5th grade vision and hearing screenings are complete. Thank you to the Lions Club and SUNY Cortland for all their assistance this year!

Physicals: All 5th grade students are required to have a physical examination. School physicals are scheduled every Thursday morning in cooperation with Guthrie Medical. Please contact the school nurse at (607) 758-4174 if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays to you all! May the “wonder” of the season bring your hearts a smile or two!

Nurse Neuman


PTO News

Our Randall Middle School PTO CoffeeMania fundraiser ended on November 30, 2022. All order forms should already be turned in. We expect the orders to be delivered around December 15.

Our next Randall Middle School PTO meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 6pm. Like all Randall PTO meetings for the 22-23 school year, this meeting will be hybrid, meaning participants are welcome to attend in person in Room B-11, or online via Google Meet at https://meet.google.com/abf-xech-zdw.


Music News

~Corinne Bennett

December Concert

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Cortland Jr./ Sr. High School


5th Grade Chorus

5th Grade Band

5th and 6th Grade Orchestra


Select Chorus

6th Grade Band

6th Grade Chorus

Students should arrive at the Jr./Sr. High School at 5:30pm and wear festive, holiday or other nice clothing.



~Allison Capano

All 5th and 6th Grade Orchestra students are busy preparing for our December Winter Concerts. We will be participating in TWO concerts. Please see Mrs. Capano for more information.

Upcoming Events:

Randall Winter Concert: Dec. 7th at Cortland HS

All District Orchestra Concert: Dec. 15th at Cortland HS


Physical Education

~Luke Schweider/Austin Harriger

The excitement is in the air not only for the holiday season but also for our PE Volleyball Unit! Our annual Sports Education Model Volleyball Unit begins November 28th and will continue up until Holiday break December 23rd.

This is a great opportunity for students to learn the different roles of a team and to demonstrate sportsmanship in a highly competitive setting. Students will have different jobs which include captain, fitness trainer, artist, sportsmanship rater, score keeper, equipment manager, line judge and media specialist. They will decide on their team, mascot, colors and a chant. Below are our 5th grade champions from last year, The Blue Bears!

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Music News

~Amber Thayer

Our 5th and 6th Graders have been using Ukuleles and electric pianos this month as we finish out our first trimester.



~Nicole Evans

We just finished our first library research projects for the trimester! Our fifth graders learned and created posters about an endangered animal of their choice, and sixth graders created a new company and advertisement based around Greek Mythology! In the next few weeks we will start working on exploring careers in sixth grade and fairy tales in fifth!

We have also worked on some really awesome makerspace projects, including “God’s Eyes”, perler beads, PixBrix, and a stick together collage. So much making!

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~Danielle Beltz

We are trying stop-motion in art!


P2 For Families

This month, we brought understanding to these Positivity Project traits in a variety of ways, Bravery, and Gratitude. Next up, are Kindness and Self-control. May your family have a blessed holiday season.
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~The Number Ninjas

Students in the Math Gymnasium get hands-on to practice concepts and to gain confidence in their math abilities. Here is a Number Ninja in training.
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Updates from Mrs. Hegedus, K-6 School Counselor

~Christina Hegedus

In 6th grade we have continued talking about having a growth mindset, that we have the ability to grow and change when we practice new and challenging things. In Library I pushed in with Ms. Evans to work with some of our 6th grade classes about career exploration. They were able to research different careers based on their own interests. They then continued working on their careers with Ms. Evans in Library. These 6th grade classes had a mini-career day at the end of November to share with each other one of the careers they learned about.

In 5th grade we continued discussing bullying prevention and working on why they stand up to bullying. In other classes we started discussing leadership qualities - what makes a good leader and what do they look like.

The 5th and 6th graders have been doing a wonderful job!!


5th Grade

~Mrs. Hausman

Fifth graders in Mrs. Hausman’s class observed the Thanksgiving season by becoming “Gratitude Spies.” Each student and teacher in the classroom was secretly given the name of someone else in the classroom and told to “spy” on them to find something to be grateful about in that person. Spies wrote notes expressing their gratitude and before Thanksgiving break, the notes were shared. We all felt a little more appreciated!


6th Grade

~Christy Newton

Sixth graders wrapped up the second unit of our Amplify ELA Curriculum, “Mysteries and Investigations”. Students read Suzanne Jurmain’s nonfiction text “The Secret of Yellow Fever” to examine the epidemic in the 1900’s.


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