Customer Reviews, Complaints, Scam or Legit?


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Boostability - A Quick Summary

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If you are not online you are dead to your customers in the current internet-focused world, so small and medium sized companies struggle to develop their website and social media presence. An integrative part of this presence is the rank in the search engines, which is among the top services provided by SEO companies. Boostability is one of the companies which provide optimization services for websites, as well as other type of digital marketing services.

What is Boostability and what they offer?
Boostability is a company which provides search engine optimization services to small and medium companies. They have the goal to help their clients grow their businesses in a scalable way by improving their rank, their website's content and social media presence.
Boostability offers their services with a three month contract starting at $360 per month, but they claim each of their packages is customized to suit the client's needs.

The unpleasant reality
When you search deeper, Boostability is not quite the best option for your digital marketing needs. This is because former customers have a lot of bad things to say about the company both on the quality of the services and the employees' behavior. One of the complaints which always come up in former customer's reviews is about the fast rate of changing employees. Boostability seems to always replace their account managers and SEO people. This practice leads to a lot of issues regarding accounts and promotes malpractice.

The SEO services are not what you expect
Boostability SEO services are less than poor, according to their clients. You can find a lot of customers who tell how their websites fell from the first page. Probably the most shocking review you can read refers to how Boostability caused major faults in Google Places program and how their employees embrace bad SEO practices. Black hat SEO caused many former Boostability clients lose their current rank in Google and lose thousands of dollars along with them. Some reviews also tell how the company stole the website from its owner and continued to charge the client for SEO services.

Customer care is missing from Boostability
One of the complaints you can find online regards the lack of interest from Boostability's employees towards their customers. You can read how new clients are being charged, and then the account managers fail to contact them. When the customer tries to contact the manager, he or she is faced with a very limited calling and meeting schedule, which often prevents the client from reaching the account manager.
Another type of complaints we've found online regarding Boostability is the refund complaint. Apparently, the customers are asked to sign a waiver and an agreement where they accept not to post anything negative about the company online. This is a unique request, as no other SEO company asks for this sort of “loyalty”.

Always check for former customer reviews before signing with a company
At the first glance, Boostability seems to be a successful fast growing company with professional employees, but former clients tell another type of story. This is because they've been there, worked with the company and they know how the employees treated them.
Their reviews can save you a lot of money and time, as well as your business, which makes reading them highly important.
As Boostability is an SEO company, you should be considering what other people think about it. The reason for this is because you are likely to be treated the same way, unless the company drastically changes their practices. In the event of a book, the reviews are purely subjective, but in the case of a company, they are a lot more objective, especially when they come in large numbers, such as the ones regarding Boostability.