The Gringer Gazette

Week of April 11th - 15th

Specials & Upcoming Events

Monday - Day 4: Computer Lab & Chorus

Tuesday - Day 5: Music & Recess

Wednesday - Day 6: PE & Recess (NYS Math Exam Today)

Thursday - Day 1: Art & Recess (NYS Math Exam Today)

Friday - Day 2: Library & Recess (NYS Math Exam Today)

NYS Math Exams - Wednesday, April 13th - 15th

Monday, April 18th - No School for Students (Student Improvement Day)


Last week, we continued our work with fractions. Students learned how to add and subtract fractions with unlike/related denominators. They also learned how to multiply a whole number by a fraction. Later in the week we reviewed how to convert an improper fraction into a mixed number. We will continue our work with fractions on Monday and Tuesday this week.


This week students will begin to learn about electricity and magnets. Our afternoons will be spent conduct various hands-on activities. Students will be using their iPads to take pictures and reflect upon their work.


Due to testing this week, students will not receive a math packet for homework. They will still be required to read for 20 minutes each night and recording their reading on their reading log.

Congrats to Our Science Fair Participants!