Why Do People Live Where They Do?

Understanding Globalization and Geography

Geography and Globalization

Geography and Globalization affect where, how, and why people live where they do and like they do. For instance, a girl in America will do things very different than a girl who lives in Asia. The laws are different, the weather is different, the scenery is different, and many more. Geography is a big factor when people choose where to live because people like different things. I want to live somewhere warm, but my friend could want to live in Alaska.

Converse Sneakers

To demonstrate Globalization, i'm going to use Converse sneakers as an example. They are made in the little red spots on the map below, which is Indonesia (1). They are also made in Vietnam (2) and China (3).

What are Converse made out of?

How are Converse made?

Environmental Problems

In creating Converse shoes, rubber is required. This rubber comes from Rubber trees in Southeast Asia, which are quickly disappearing. This causes forests of rubber trees to be cut down and unique species will loose their habitat.

Economic Problems

In 2001, the Converse shoe company went bankrupt after receiving just $207 million in revenue. Although, In 2003, Nike bought the company and turned the brand into a $1.4 billion company.

Cultural Problems

This is not just about Converse sneakers in particular, but Air Jordan's too. Many cultural stereotypes have been made by the types of shoes people wear. For instance, people think that white people will buy converse, and black people will buy Air Jordan's.

How to fix the Cultural Problems

I think that this stereotyping will stop if everyone just minded their own business.

Globalization and Me

Globalization affects me for many reasons, but here are a few. Since many things are not made in America, such as my phone, this directly connects me to other countries that my phone was made in or countries that parts of my phone came from. Also, I spend money almost every day which gets circulated all over the place! Lastly, I travel all over the world such as Aruba and England, and I use to live in Tennessee.