Cesar Chavez

Fought for the farmworkers to be treated fairly

How life was for Cesar Chavez

Cesar Estrada Chavez was born on March 31 1927 near Yuma Arizona.During the Great Depression Cesar Chavez's family became migrant farm workers. Cesar Chavez dropped out of 8th grade. By that time he was working full time in the fields.Work in the fields was not easy.Cesar Chavez fought for all the farm workers to be treated fairly.

by Miriam Aguirre Ferrer

The Life of Cesar Chavez

What he did to help

Cesar Chavez started to strike against farm owners so they would get better working conditions.He formed a march from Delano to Sacramento.The road was hard Cesar Chavez was tiered his feet ached and they were full of blisters.Eventually he made it all the way to Sacramento.when he got there he was relived.The fruits rotted.Eventually the farm owners came through and promised better working conditions to the farm workers.