A of C: A terrible constitution

By: Nataly Mayoral

What's Articles of Confederation and why were they so weak?

Well the Articles of Confederation was America's 1st constitution after they broke up with England.It was made on November 15th 1777.It was a congress made up of 13 states and each state needed to vote.Each state had only one vote.This congress dealt with many conflicts like the land out West.Also they made allies,treaties,and controlled military forces.But,they were weak because the people did not want to be abused like the king and not be under tyranny.

The strengths of the Articles of Confederation

They also had strengths in the Articles of Confederation.For example,they governed the nation during the war.Negotiated the Treaty of Paris of 1763.They teamed up with France and officiated it,in 1778.Passed Northwest ordinance in 1787 (which banned slavery from region).Also the Land ordinance of 1785 (which we still follow to this day!).
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The lacks of the Articles of Confederation

There are many weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation,and there is a lot.They had shortage of power to enforce laws, levy taxes,and control trade among states.It required all 13 states to vote to make changes in the A of C.Each state had to make their own currency.For voting,it total,it had to be 9 votes and above.The Articles of Confederation was broke most of the time.There was many quarreling states during this time.And the Shay's Rebellion.
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Northwest Ordinance of 1787

Was one of the few successful things that happened in the Articles of Confederation,it was the U.S's territory since they broke up with Britain.It determined that the land would later become states.The good things that happened was civil rights and liberties were promised,education encouraged,no slavery,and put township system.but the downhill effects were that to get its own legislature,you had to get 5,000 people (free adult males),and 60,000 people (free adult males) to become a state.And prohibited slavery
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Shay's Rebellion

Shay's Rebellion was one of the biggest thing that had happened during the Articles of Confederation.It was a group of protesters (farmers) that got that name,because of Daniel Shays lead it and they were against the state and local administration of tax collection,and debts.Some of the causes,were that congress had a money shortage,farmers could not pay their debts and taxes,and farmers thrown in jail for debts.The effects were that many Americans realize the government was weak,congress calls for a convention,and people like James Madison,saw a need for strong central government.The positive things were that it lead to the U.S constitution and strong govt.Also fought for farmers whop got high taxes.the negative things were that they forced the wealthy to give them money,burned down their houses/farms,broke economy and deep depression,and the whole nation was falling apart.
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