Bulk faxing


Fax broadcasting has revolutionized the age old system of sending faxes and is becoming increasingly popular today. Sending a single fax to multiple recipients has become easier today with this service.

Sending a fax broadcast is an effective, time saving and economic method which you can adopt if you want to send a single fax to multiple recipients. Your fax machine will scan the document once and send it to multiple numbers. You can also take help of a good fax broadcast service provider. The service provider will help you to easily send a fax to hundreds and thousands of recipients. You can reach out to hundreds of organizations which are a part of your target market in a simple, effective and economic manner.


You can broadcast faxes through different kinds of machines which follow different protocols and standards. The computers use the Internet Protocol (IP) to route the data to the recipients. The information is first converted into small data packets which are routed to the destination and reassembled using the Transmission Control Protocol.

The fax machines which are used these days are digital. Your data is sent and received over analog phone lines. Your fax server converts the data into analog signals which your fax machine can understand.


You can send a bulk fax by simply installing the software in your operating system. You have to ensure that the software is compatible with your operating system to enable smooth functioning. The next step would be to create a master list of all the recipients to whom you want to send the fax. If your software is enabled with a system of pulling numbers from the source database then your job becomes easier. In other cases you can manually fill your spreadsheet with the data. You can then create specialty lists or sub lists if required. Configuring your fax transmission is very important to make the documents easy to read. Ensure that you are able to provide all the information in as few pages as possible. Then link your documents with the fax numbers in your list. You can go ahead with your fax transmission after that. In case a number is busy or doesn’t respond then your software might try to send the fax twice or thrice. If it isn’t successful then you might receive a delivery failure message. You will be provided with a list of all the successful transmissions and the ones that have failed at the end of the transmission.

Thus your mass faxing can be executed in a few simple steps and the documents will reach the recipients within minutes. Read More