Hydrogen Cars

And Why You Should Buy Them

Background on Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a chemical symbol and has an atomic number of 1. You can't taste hydrogen. You can't taste it, and it is an can easily explode.

Hydrogen was first discovered by a scientist named Henry Cavendish. Hydrogen is the lightest gas known gas.

Advantage's Of Owning A Hydrogen Car

The exhaust gas coming from the hydrogen cars themselves are clean, possessing none of the dirty mix of toxins and carbon dioxide that the burning of gasoline spews forth.

Due to the fact that hydrogen car's are very clean, hard working, and safe for the environment the government has invested billion's of dollar's into the project.

An advantage to using would be that they are safe for the enviorment.

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Comparison of hydrogen fuel to other fuel types

Hydrogen car's are more safer for the eco-system, but they are still made out of natural gases, make's them harder to make which cause's money and hard to store and again in order to store that it costs money. Hydrogen cars split water into oxygen and hydrogen and releases the water.

Hydrogen causes less damage to the earth and is an safer alternative.

Hydrogen fuel production processes

There is more then one way to get fuel.One way is the split water, taking the hydrogen, then releasing the oxygen. They can also mix metal's.

Disadvantages of hydrogen cars

Hydrogen is more expensive to make. Producing Hydrogen at a factory generates a significant amount of CO^2.

The demand of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is hard to make the reason for this is that hydrogen cars split water into oxygen and hydrogen and then heat and water vapor is released.

Hydrogen causes less pollution, and is and better choice than gasoline.