Characteristics of Verbal Feedback

Effective Interpersonal Feedback

Descriptive Feedback

This type describes how a group member cooperates. Some teacher pass out an evaluation questionnaire that would allow the group members to grade their peers.

Specific Feedback

Evaluates give specific details about how their group project went; they would also list specific situations that may have effected the project.

Feedback Directed Toward Changeable Behaviors

This section would be important for anyone with a Behavioral Intervention Plan. Instead of peers, the teachers could pass around an evaluation of the targeted student. This would give the parents an idea of how to help their child reach their goal.

Concise Feedback

Keeping feedback concise would prevent any time for negative feedback to occur.

Feedback Checked to Ensure Clear Communication

By keeping feedback concise, straight to the point, this would make sure there was clear communication between parents, teachers, and the student.