Occupations During Colonial Times

By:Hunter Siciliano


People did everything in colonial times. They made things shot things and grown things.In sub-heading one I will talk about craftsman and there names and stuff they made.In sud-heading two I will talk about farming.And how they planted stuff and stuff they used. In sub-heading three I will talk about hunting and what they hunted. That's what I'm talking about in my storey.


First,boys were apprenticed to craftman such as coopers,wheelwright,and printers. Girls were taught the domestic crafts of sewing,quilting,spinning,and weaving.One of the most importain of all eraly craftman was the blacksmith. Blacksmiths made all iron,products for home and the farm. Like horseshoes,tools,iron grills,and gates.the tinsmith was a very skilled worker with tin. Stuff they made basintea canisters,lanterns,snuffboxes,candle-molds,milkcans. The cooper before the age of metal and plastic containers ,much of the worlds good were shipped and stored in wooden kegs ,casles,barrles ,hogs head.These were all made by the cooper a craftsmanwith wood working task. Those are some of the jobs craftsman did in colonail times .


Second farmers were importain people in colonial times they planted , harvest corn vegtables. they did most harvesting by hand. First , through out colonial times most of the people made their living by farming.At first almost all colonist were farmers. Next dense forest were coverd land to witch these early people came. If there was to be enough food to eat nearly every one had to help clear the fields and plant and harvest the crops. There was no farm machinery so all work was done by hand.Farmers used oxes and hores to pull there immense plows. Then they cut the grain with simple farm methods. Farm familes needed shoes and funiture they only could make it in there spare time. Thats the suff farmers did in colonial times.


Hunting was a very importain sport in colonial time people hunted all of he time. Lastly in colonial time people hunted many animals and birds like turkey,grouse, geese,woodchucks,parie chickens. Them are still me of the birds they hunted. They also hunted fox,elk,beaver,squirrel,mountain goat,opossum,coyote,raccoons. People who lived on the Alantic coast often hunted fish and whales. They sold the fish and whale blubber at fish markets, usually down by the dock.Some familys hunted deer and ate the venison for nine months out of the year. they used deer hide for jackets and other clothing. Hunting is still popular today for sport and neccacity.


In colonial times hunting was used for food and clothing. Farmers planted fields for crops. Craftsman made tools for every day living.The most importain craftsman was the blacksmith because he made tools made from metal for every day living. Most people in colonail time made there living by farming. people who caught fish and whales sold there blubber at fish markets.These were the top most importain jobs in colonial times craftsman for tools, hunting for meatand clothing, and farming for crops.


  1. Blubber - The fat of sea mammals,especially whales and seals.
  2. Grouse -A medmium to large game bird with a plump body and featherd legs.
  3. Venison - Meat from a deer.


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