HEI impact on land and water

The building of roads

We build roads to get from one place to another, and to transport materials to different locations. But building roads is an example of a negative HEI. This is because when you build roads, it kills all the soil that once lived where the roads were built, and it also takes away homes of wildlife that used to live there also. If we continue to build more roads, there will be no more room for forests or trees, and more room for cars to pollute our world. With more roads our future will have dirtier air, and no green.
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Using pesticides

We use pesticides to keep pests away from our crops. But unfortunately using pesticides is an example of a negative HEI because when the pesticides run off when it rains, it runs into our water sources and pollutes our water until it is unsafe and poisonous to drink. If we continue to use pesticides, the consequences will be no more clean, fresh water for use to drink because it will be all poisoned.
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How building roads and using pesticides tie together

Using roads and pesticides tie together because when it rains, and all the pesticides get brushed off our plants and run off, instead of it being caught by bumps in lands, or hills it can easily flow into water sources because roads are so smooth it has nothing to stop pesticides from running off. Roads help the pesticides get to our water, which is a negative thing we do to Earth because we help ruin our environment by building roads and using pesticides.


1.) What are pesticides used for?

2.) how could roads affect soil?