Muraski Staff Memo

Week of September 26th

Items to Take Care of...

Items to take care of:
  • Share Family/Personal Accomplishments and Stories with Tina; Include a picture to feature in our next Staff Memo. The more the better! Just keep sharing!!!
  • Reminder: TBT meetings should be held in the meeting room. I'll be in to join you this week.
  • Student Work of the Month Board...Make sure you hang something this week!
  • Here are the RIMP guidelines; for grades K-3
  • AR; Please do not share the monitor password with your students. Sue Capp sent an email separately to inform you all of the new password.
  • To set the parameters for AR:

1. Log onto AR

2. Click Accelerated Reader button.

3. Choose Preferences from bubble.

4. Under Classroom Preferences, go to Individual Student Preferences.

5. Choose Book Levels sliding circles on each student's bar...

6. Click Save at the top of the page


9/26 Heinen's Program; K-3; See Schedule (presentation in the Indoor Recess Room)

9/28 - AIMSweb TBT Meetings with Jena Arnone ( in meeting room)

Gr. 5 - 9:15 / Gr. K - 10:45 / Gr. 2 - 11:30 / Gr.3 - 2pm / Gr.1 - 2:45 / Gr. 4 - 1pm

9/30 - All new SLO’s linked to the SLO Submission Spreadsheet and SLO assessments/SLO Assessment Blueprints submitted

10/31 PTA Council Grants Due

Teacher News Article of the Week

Teaching Strategy of the Week..Working together to find the best strategies for our students.

Evidenced Based Teaching 4: Summarize New Learning In A Graphical Way

Graphic outlines include things such as mind maps, flow-charts and Venn diagrams. You can use them to help students to summarise what they have learned and to understand the interrelationships between the aspects of what you have taught them. Studies show that it doesn’t seem to matter who makes the summary graphic, be it you or your students, provided the graphic is accurate. Discussing a graphical summary is a fantastic way to finish off your show and tell. You can then refer to it one more time at the end of your lesson.

I just purchased a reference book entitled Student Successes With Thinking Maps...You need to take a look at it...Use what is in it!! (FIRST ONE TO SEE TINA AND ASK TO USE IT, GETS A PRIZE!)


This summer I finished finalizing my graduate courses and exam for

the Ohio K-12 Reading Endorsement!

To celebrate,

I spent time traveling to Portland, Oregon, and New Orleans, Louisiana, with my family.


Thank you to Gretchen for sharing the link for a Chatty Classroom issue...

Thank you to Terri for creating a Student Work of the Month board!

Thank you to Gayle for handling a tough situation on Friday...Good thing you have a great hallway of supporters!

Thank you to Mary for the AR directions and sharing them with everyone!

Thank you to Rae for incorporating technology into your lessons by creating a google classroom.

Thank you to Mark for helping to fix a student's headphones.

Thank you to Lori, Dee, Michaelann, and Denise for working on new procedures for the lunch room and having our students get quiet before they leave the cafeteria.

Thank you to Lori Deertz for making parent contacts when needed.

Thank you to Kelly for sharing the other optional 5 -step process form.

Thank you to Terri for displaying the Art work in the showcase in the Atrium.

Thank you to Crystal Tackaberry for planning a First Aid/Safety Inservice for our monitors.

Thank you to Laurie for organizing all the cards. Let's ALL work together to get our students to memorize their log in numbers.