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How to Become an Associate Stylist and WHY You'd Want To!

What's it all about?

Hi Girls!

I am super excited to share with you the benefits of promoting yourself to Associate Stylist this month! We are in the BEST selling season of the year and now is the time that big things happen!

Let's talk about WHY one would want to promote to Associate Stylist and HOW you would go about getting there. It is actually one of the most achievable career ranks in our comp plan and has some fabulous perks! Not to mention it allows you to try leadership on for size!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of promoting, you have to get into the right mindset! Why did YOU join Stella & Dot?? I would bet that it was NOT just because the Jumpstart was intriguing, the commission plan was competitive or that you wanted to become this big business owner. Am I right?! How about it just sounded fun? You were intrigued? You thought, I could do that! You felt passionate about the product, the mission, and the people? Keep that mindset, as we start!

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WHY one would want to promote to Associate stylist?

I will tell you WHY and then I'm going to challenge you with WHY NOT?

We love beautiful accessories at Stella & Dot, so it seems completely on par that when you promote to Associate Stylist, you will earn the first part of Stella & Dot's gorgeous recognition bracelet. This silver bracelet is the building base for earning additional charms for future promotions and achievements! It can't be bought - only earned!
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$250-500 in free Product Credit?!

Promote to Associate Stylist and both you AND your 1st line sponsor who helped you get there will earn $250 in Product Credit! Yup! $250. This is a BRAND NEW perk that was just introduced in July :)

Achieve an Associate Stylist promotion in your Jumpstart or when your newly sponsored Stylist is in her Jumpstart and it doubles to $500 in Product Credit. That's right, $500 in Product Credit for BOTH of you!

The Stylist has until the LAST day of the calendar month of when her Jumpstart ends to promote.

And then, there is the cash!

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$100 when you first promote, and $100 when you hit your Associate Stylist pay rank for the 2nd time within 6 months!

And, obviously, increased commission that you will earn from your team! Your commissions on your first line Stylists increase to 6%!

Also, you get to join the FIrst Time Associate Stylist parade at Hoopla in July!

Need a recap of the perks? Check out below! And these are just the tangible perks! It is clearly more fun to do this gig with someone! Imagine having a buddy to learn with, motivate each other, inspire each other, pace with each other, grow together and achieve your goals together!
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And it gets better! All Stylists have the opportunity to earn monthly leadership development bonuses!

That's right! You receive a monthly CASH bonus for each new Leg you personally sponsor and coach to achieve a pay rank of Associate Stylist or above for the first 12 months of that Leg.

How does that work?

When you sponsor, you are creating a NEW Leg. For your new Stylist's first 12 months (start month + 11 months), you can earn a bonus each month based on the highest title obtained in that Leg. Bonuses begin at the Pay Rank of Associate Stylist and continue upward!

Sound good?

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Here's the HOW:

OK! So hopefully your MINDSET is now in the right place and you are armed with reasons WHY this could be a good goal for you or someone on your team!

Here is HOW you're going to do it! There are 2 scenarios:

  1. You are a Stylist who HASN'T promoted yourself to Associate Stylist and beyond yet; or
  2. You are a Stylist who HAS promoted to Associate Stylist and beyond and NOW wants to help others do the same.

Let's say you're part of Scenario #1. So how are you going to do this? You are going to invite a friend to come and join you on this journey, of course!

You can't keep this gig to yourself any longer! So often, there are people in our network watching us and wishing that they had found this gig that we found. It's funny that they often don't realize that this is something that you would love to share with them and you both could do it together very successfully, if you both desire. They are watching the fun things you are doing and they may think that they'd be stepping on your toes doing YOUR business because they don't understand how our business works. The very first person I sponsored was my husband's cousin and we had a blast navigating our new businesses together. And it's the friends I've made along the way that have kept me sane through the ups and downs we are all going to experience!

Think about:

  • who do you know who would love to do this business with you? Who do you WANT to do this business with you??
  • who could need some extra cash this holiday season?
  • who is super fashionable and loves accessories?
  • who do you know who knows tons of people?
  • who do you know who is very social?
  • who do you know could enjoy something for herself?
  • who do you know could enjoy having a FUN job, perhaps alongside her other job?

Are your wheels spinning yet? Start making and/or updating your list of prospective Stylists!

So what are you going to say to them?? This does not have to be a formal business meeting! Say something super casual, like, "Oh my gosh, Jen!! You are going to think I'm crazy but you have to come and do this with me. I love it because ... (FILL THIS PART IN!) This is the perfect time to do it because we are heading into the best time of the year. I think you'd enjoy it because ... (FILL THIS PART IN!). And the best part is, Stella & Dot just announced that they are gifting an extra $100 in free jewelry for every stylist who joins this month!"

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Once you bring a friend along, between the two of you, you will have at least 3-4 shows this month, which will be enough group volume to get you to Associate Stylist. More on the breakdown a little further down!

What if you are part of Scenario #2? You are already an Associate Stylist or above and want to be a part of this? YOU CAN! You will enjoy the same benefits of product credits, increased team commissions and monthly leadership development bonuses, when you go and help someone promote to Associate Stylist! You are going to make your list of prospective Stylists! And then reach out to your team members! Dig through those reports! Who has a show or two this month? They are already halfway there! All they have to do is bring a friend along! And with the new Sign Up special just announced, the timing couldn't be better to share this #SDJOY!

You are going to help your team member:

  • build her list to reach out
  • give her words to say to sponsor
  • share how you sponsor
  • explain how you would share the opportunity with that hostess who just had a great show for you or that recent customer who shopped your website or gal who complimented your jewellery

"Oh my gosh ... I love being a Stylist because ... (FILL THIS PART IN!) I think you'd enjoy it because ... (FILL THIS PART IN!). I'd love to help you get started! We are walking into our best season of the year. And, it was just announced that every new Stylist who joins this month get a bonus $100 in free product credit! What do you think?"

You are then going to help your Stylist and her new Stylist get shows on their calendar and get up and running because as leaders, that is what we do. WE HELP EACH OTHER!

When she promotes to Associate Stylist at the end of the month, she'll earn $250 in Product Credit and part one of the $200 cash bonus and guess what?? You will get rewarded too by helping your 1st line Stylist promote by earning a matching product credit bonus! As with any pay rank promotion, there are qualifications required: personal requirements and team requirements. Associate Stylist promotions can be achieved with as little as 2 stylists on a team! This is what you need:

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And there are many combinations to get there. Think about it this---
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A Free Watch, too??

October truly couldn't be better timing since the WATCH incentive allows you to layer on MORE rewards! Remember: to hit Associate Stylist, you and your team need to collectively sell $3000 PQV. Consider personally selling the $2500PQV and your team member just needs to qualify with $500 in sales and BOOM! Look what will be YOURS:

  1. Associate Stylist promotion for you, including all of the Associate Stylist perks mentioned.
  2. Pay raise of earning 30% on your personal sales (because you sold over $2300PQV in a month).
  3. NOW a FREE ICON convertible watch in STONE because you sold $2500PQV (not to mention the $750+ in commissions)!
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What do you say? What's stopping you?

Are you ready to book some trunk shows? Are you ready to share the #SDJOY?? Yes you are!

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Message your upline or myself if you have additional questions, want to chat more or are ready to make your plan to promote yourself or your team this fall!

Why? Because this is YOU:

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XO, Rebecca