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Introduction of percent

In this topic , you should be able to know how to calculate different types of percentages .

1) Part out of total

2) Translation Problems

3) Percent Increase or Decrease

4) New or Old after a certain % increase or decrease

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Methods of solving each and every type of percentage

1-Part out of total

*Method used for part out of total : part divide total multiply 100%

-Suppose you have a certain box of gloves , 16 pairs are size 7 and 24 pairs are size 6.

if all the gloves in the box are either size 6 or size 7, what percent of the gloves in the box are size 6?

Way of solving : putting 24 first dividing it with the total number of pairs which is 40 and multiplying it with 100%

2-Translation problems

*Method used for translation problems : of : x what x is:= %: divide by 100

-Suppose a question is given 36 percent of 18 is 18 percent of what number?

you will put 36 first divide by 100 multiply 18 = 18%

So, you will simplify it and remove the 18

So, the answer is 36 .

3-Percent increase and decrease

*Method used for percent increase and decrease is (difference divide original multiply 100%)

-Suppose a question is given if the price of an item increases from $70 to $84, what is the percent of increase in price?

you subtract 70 from 80 which gives 14 , and the original price is 70

So , 14 divide 70 multiply 100 . The answer is 20.

4-New and Old values after a certain % increase or decrease

*Method used for New and Old values after a certain % increase or decrease is New = original multiply (1 + or - P%)

For example when u see the word tax u add them . when u see the word discount u minus them .

-Suppose you are given a question the price of a jacket is $150. Find its new price after 7% tax?

The new price is not given so you will put x instead and the original price is $150 and the tax is 7%

So, x= 150 multiply 1+7% which will give us an answer 160.5

Percent Proportion

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